Castilla y León is traditionally a pioneering region in the meat sector. The diversity and quality of our cured meats is what makes us stand out from the rest. One Denomination of Origin: Guijuelo and three protected geographical indications: Cecina de León, Botillo del Bierzo and Chorizo de Cantimpalos.

Salamanca is known the world over for many different reasons, one of the foremost being its immense cultural heritage. But the province of Salamanca also cradles one of the finest jewels of Spanish cuisine, the cured ham known as ‘jamón ibérico’, made in Guijuelo. A pure, unique breed of free-range pig that feeds off acorns, the right kind of weather conditions for perfect ham drying and aging and a system where curing is a craft make this ham, as its motto says, truly 'unique in all the world'.

The product of long beef-curing tradition, cecina de León is made in all the cities and towns in the province of León. The lay of the land, the weather and human skill combine to yield a hand-made delicacy with special qualities all its own. Genuine beef slowly smoked with oak. New aromas and flavours that make it a unique, unmistakeable gift for your palate.

In addition, we also have 6 guaranteed brands in cured meats: Chorizo Zamorano, Ibéricos de Salamanca, Chorizo de León, Cecina de Chivo de Vegacervera, Torrezno de Soria and Cecina de Villaramiel.

Original cured meats
Original cured meats